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Meredith's attended Whittier College (Yes, it was Richard Nixon's alma mater) in Whittier, California for four years and graduated with honors and a degree in Spanish and Sociology.  Now she's living in Sacramento and in her second year at the UC Davis law school.

A vegetarian since she was 6 years old, Meredith loves animals of all sorts, especially dogs and cats. Lizards were added to this list after Meredith roomed with a herpetologist for two years and now she has her own dog, and Austrialian Shepherd named Tir. 

We're all travelers, but Meredith has gone the farthest afield. While she was still at the Kinkaid School, Meredith took an interim term trip to student exchange trip to France. That summer, she went to Paraguay as a volunteer for Amigos de Las Americas. Another summer, she went to the Dominican Republic as a volunteer supervisor for the Amigos program. 

Meredith has a flair for photography and has chronicled her trips through both journals and photographs. Some of the places she's gone are in the photo albums in this section of our website.


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