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Erica Starr Czerwinski



Jennifer has always said that she and Erica were "fated to be friends." They kept running into each other and rekindling their friendship, first at Girl Scout camp, later riding and All-Region Choir. Despite living in different areas of the city and attending different schools, they kept in touch with each other.

They remained friends when Erica went off to college. Then they were even farther apart and busier with school. They still found time to go places together or just hang out. Even if they didn't talk for months, they could pick up their friendship seamlessly with just a call or visit.


Erica went to Sam Houston State University, but worked weekends at a restaurant near our house. We occasionally dropped in to eat and to see her. She radiated an energy and a joy in life that was irresistible. Erica went about living every day with an enthusiasm and cheer that was infectious.

To think of Erica and realize she is gone is almost impossible. She touched so many people's lives, and we hope she'll touch yours, too. Remember Erica any time you have a drink or two and think about driving off. A beloved daughter and friend--all that vitality extinguished because someone decided it was okay to get behind the wheel of a car while he was intoxicated.

Erica loved the Renaissance Festival and the Society For Creative Anachronisms; she could drop into a role as easily as she could sing or smile and was often dressed for a part at the Festival. However, her true passion was for the technical aspect of the theater.

In her memory, the Czerwinskis have established two scholarships at Sam Houston State University: the Erica Starr Memorial Scholarship, which awards $3000 per year to an outstanding student in technical theater and design, and the Erica Czerwinski Scholarship of $2000 to musical theater students.

You're invited to donate to this scholarship. Any amount is welcome. Your check should be made to the:

Erica Starr Czerwinski Scholarship Fund
University Advancement
P.O. Box 2537
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas 77341

Surely no one who gets behind the wheel car after drinking drives off thinking they're going to cause at least one death on this trip. If you KNEW that, you'd take a cab, wait until you were sober, or have a designated driver, wouldn't you? Well, every one of those white crosses on the roadside is a testimony to how many times someone made a decision to drive after drinking that did just that! Almost 16, 000 people a year die in auto accidents where alcohol consumption is a factor. This works out to about one person every 30 minutes.

Maybe you and everyone you know should assume that if you do drive after drinking, you will kill someone. Once you accept the likelihood that this can happen, your choices are clearer. If you drink, don't drive.

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