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Our successes in dogs wouldn't be possible without everyone's contributions, but Sherry has the primary involvement. In Houston, she's been active in many aspects of the sport for almost 40 years. For 30 of them, she's been a member of the Ft. Bend Kennel Club. She's also a member of the Houston Kennel Club, serving as it's Legislative Liaison, and President of the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston. She's a member of the newly-formed Texas Working Dog Association and the Texas Dog Commission.

She's also affiliated with the American Dog Show Judges group and the Dog Judges Association of America. Locally, she's been a member of the Texas Dog Judges Association since the early 1990s when she was first approved to judge for the AKC. She's also an approved judge for the Australian Shepherd Club of America

On the national level, she's a member of the Akita Club of America. Over the years, she's served on it's board and headed several committees, currently, the Genetics and Health Committee.

Her work as an author is well-known in dog circle. She has developed and presented many seminars for breeders, judges, and dog-owners. Currently, she is working on a book about dogs that work with livestock.


Over the years, a lot of dogs have shared their lives with us and many more have left here to brighten the lives of others. We've been exclusively involved with Akitas now for close to twenty years and are very proud of our dogs and their accomplishments.

All our breeding choices are intended to produce quality dogs of good health and temperament. If we do not keep them, we want to place them in suitable homes where they will enjoy a long, happy life.

We do have puppies and adults available occasionally, and even if we do not, we will be happy to refer you to other responsible breeders. And we always know of rescues that need new homes.

Many of our litters have been co-breedings with others. This seems like a strange arrangement to most people looking for companion animals, but it's really quite common among people interested in a breeding program based on intent and purpose rather than convenience and happenstance.

Having this sort of breeding program requires a number of dogs and litters, and very few of us have the ability to support a large kennel any more. Working with a network of like-minded people accomplishes the same goals and lets us keep a manageable number of dogs in a home environment, which is better for the dogs and much easier for us!

These are people who share our vision and values. Among them are Rick and Teresa Witte of Stardust Akitas. Beginning with their purchase of Max, we've had a long friendship and collaboration.

We've owned some of the champions we've bred (somewhere around 30 AKC champions so far), but most have graced the lives of others. They've been our introduction to a lot of wonderful people.